全总尊重电子下注软件及顾客的私隐. We believe that for electronic communication and online activities to be successful, our customers must be assured that the information provided is used responsibly and appropriately. 因此, the organization has implemented the following policy to guide the use of ACTFL members’ and customers’ personal information.

Please note that this policy does not apply to third-party websites, and ACTFL is not responsible for the content of such third-party websites or the privacy practices of such third parties. ACTFL has no control over AI-driven data collection from information housed on our public-facing website. We encourage you to review the privacy policies of any third parties before disclosing your information to such parties or visiting such websites.

While ACTFL is incorporated and headquartered in the United States, it may collect and process data of individuals residing in the European Union, and those activities may be subject to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). To the extent that is the case, this privacy notice shall apply to such personal data.


Personal data collected by ACTFL generally includes an individual’s name, 家庭及/或机构地址, 电话号码, 传真号码, 社交媒体处理, 和电子邮件地址. 还可以包括出生日期, 某些人口统计信息, and, 在金融交易中, 信用卡和账单地址信息.

技术信息,如用户IP地址, 操作系统, and websites visited before and after the ACTFL website may also be collected by ACTFL and/or ACTFL’s service providers. 这类信息不能识别用户的个人身份.


另外, ACTFL may use cookies and conversion pixels to track how our website and other online services are used and to personalize the user experience. Users are free to disable cookies in their browser’s settings but, 记住, 选择这样做可能会导致用户体验下降.

We employ the use of third-party analytics tools to measure web traffic and usage. 这类信息不能识别用户的个人身份.


ACTFL在不同情况下收集个人资料. 最常见的是当一个人:

  • 加入联会或续会籍;
  • 更新在线电子下注软件资料;
  • 年度大会或类似现场活动的登记簿;
  • Registers for a virtual learning module or other online offering;
  • 从联会网站下载资料;
  • Applies to become certified under one of ACTFL’s certification programs;
  • 购买出版物或产品;
  • 参与ACTFL在线社区;
  • 使用任何ACTFL应用程序;
  • 以一种需要登录的方式与ACTFL交互;
  • 向语言连接基金会捐款.


个人资料可能会被用于多个目的. 其中包括:

  • 电子下注软件 administration, including billing and fee collection;
  • 提供电子下注软件福利;
  • 提供产品和服务;
  • 订阅管理;
  • Communication of ACTFL events, products, services, offerings, benefits and opportunities;
  • 直接销售;
  • 电子下注软件及客户数据分析;
  • Development of directories; and
  • 产品和服务的定制和开发.


There are several legal bases for ACTFL’s collection and processing of personal data:

  • For the legitimate interests of ACTFL, including the several uses listed above;
  • 履行合同:履行合同;
  • Based on consent; and
  • 遵守法律.


ACTFL可能会与其他各方共享个人资料. 这些包括:

  • 联会活动的赞助者;
  • 全联会年会的参展商;
  • 联会刊物的出版商;
  • 云服务提供商;
  • Service providers who perform functions such as marketing, research, shipping and fulfillment; and
  • 供应商合作伙伴,如保险和信用卡公司.

ACTFL also may share personal data in the event of a merger or asset sale/purchase transaction, 按照法律的要求.


Personal data of individuals collected by ACTFL may be stored and processed in the United States, Europe, 或任何其他ACTFL的国家, 它的供应商, 或者合作伙伴维护设施. ACTFL通常在美国收集和处理个人数据. In the event personal data is collected in the EU and is then transferred to the US or is transferred to any other country outside of the EU, ACTFL这样做是有法律原因的, 比如履行合同, 或者实现组织的合法利益.


Personal data may be retained by ACTFL for so long as necessary or useful to pursue the legitimate interests of ACTFL. Other factors may include: the duration of the business or contractual relationship between ACTFL and an individual; archiving of historical information; and legal requirements, including limitations periods during which a legal claim might be brought.


ACTFL有合理的技术措施, 物理, 以及保护个人数据的行政保障措施. Examples of these safeguards are storing personal data in secure, 站外设施, limiting access to personal data to those employees who need access to fulfill their responsibilities, 并提供有关负责任地处理个人资料的培训.


Individuals generally have the right to access their own personal data and to request that ACTFL correct any errors or incompleteness in their own personal data. The contact information provided below should be used for these purposes. There is also a limited right to request deletion of personal data. Such requests also should be directed to the designated contact.

Individuals may opt-out of receiving additional information about third-party products and services by checking or unchecking the appropriate boxes during and after the ACTFL online account creation process.

Individuals may also unsubscribe from email communications by clicking an “unsubscribe” link present in all ACTFL broadcast emails. NOTE: Unsubscribing from ACTFL email communication will not stop delivery of messages critical to administration of membership such as dues renewal notifications.


Inquiries regarding this privacy policy or other privacy concerns should be directed to:

(703) 894-2900 | membership@billega-piscines.com